A digital guide for the conscious traveller & consumer

– wellbeing easily, individually, ethically and aesthetically –

Lifestyle Routes ™ is based on LOHAS thinking – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability

  • A digital concept, platform and generator, where the customer and user get a customized product, service, service route and / or service provider in Finland (later globally) that suits their own lifestyle (lifestyle = style, values, etc.), their situation and their desired quality classification.
  • A unique concept that combines conscious consuming in a multidisciplinary way to both customers and service providers.
  • Lifestyle Routes ™, an innovation developed by Finnish Margit Sjöroos, was selected in 2016 as one of the 8 finalists in the Finnish Communications Federation’s Think Ink marketing communications competition (2016) (there were 63 candidates in the competition) and also received a grant from the Finnish Central Communications Foundation (now the Media Research Foundation) in 2016 and funding from the ELY-center in 2020.