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Conbalance Oy is a multidisciplinary company based on humanistic values, focusing on space, concept, interior design and interior architecture. Its main clients have been learning environment design (Helsinki, Kerava, Vaalijala, Hamina, cities and municipalities), top international sports competitions (Finnish Figure Skating Association), top sports facilities (TPS, Finland Tennis), business premises (Consti, RAY / Veikkaus, Mercuri International, TUI Finland) as well as conceptual and interior design for elderly care centers (Folkhälsan). The company does a wide variety of concept design from interior design and interior architecture to interior details, clothing design, digital communications as well as compassion related concepts, etc.

The company’s concepts are unique and pioneers also internationally. All of our innovations are based on a humanistic human perception, which is combined with brain and sensory research.

Conbalance Oy has been part of several national and international studies to develop a new kind of thinking in design that combines values, brain and sensory research. We have received several national and international awards ourselves or as members of a work team.

Stress free area® is an innovation in the field of wellbeing, developed by the Finnish Margit Sjöroos. It is neurophysiological design, independent from the individual and culture, that takes into account the importance between the physical, digital and mental environments for human wellbeing.

The concept is implemented in terms of colour, character and usability psychology, utilizing brain research. It addresses the senses from a cultural and neurophysiological perspective and aims to reduce negative, physical stressors.

In addition, it considers factors influencing states of alertness and different situations with multi-sensory and multidisciplinary, adjustable design. The perspective is unique in the world and the concept has been awarded several innovation awards.

My book about compassion (Myötätunto – ole läsnä, elä mukana, Minerva Kustannus 2010) aims to awaken people to the lack of compassion in themselves and in life today, and the impact its lack has on our wellbeing and the development of our community and society. The book also gives guidance in skills of compassion, how to maintain and develop oneself, as well as notice the characteristics of humanity in others.

Becoming compassionate is something you grow into, children become compassionate according to the example of adults, their parents and how they develop themselves as adults. Human is the only animal capable of compassion, therefore this trait distinguishes us from other animals and is a measure of our humanity. Compassion is about acknowledging others’ suffering, whether big or small, true understanding, and the desire to support others without the desire to push one’s own vision.

A digital guide for the conscious traveller & consumer

– wellbeing easily, individually, ethically and aesthetically –

Lifestyle Routes ™ is based on LOHAS thinking – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability

A digital concept, platform and generator, where the customer and user get a customized product, service, service route and / or service provider in Finland (later globally) that suits their own lifestyle (lifestyle = style, values, etc.), their situation and their desired quality classification.

A unique concept that combines conscious consuming in a multidisciplinary way to both customers and service providers.

Lifestyle Routes ™, an innovation developed by Finnish Margit Sjöroos, was selected in 2016 as one of the 8 finalists in the Finnish Communications Federation’s Think Ink marketing communications competition (2016) (there were 63 candidates in the competition) and also received a grant from the Finnish Central Communications Foundation (now the Media Research Foundation) in 2016 and funding from the ELY-center in 2020.


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