When I dare to look at myself directly, openly and honestly, study every day, I can increase my life skills. We are learning every day because we change every day from experiences, the accomplishment of age and other factors, I get more inner strength to choose the way I behave more wisely, constructively and compassionately to myself and to others at the same time, I no longer waver. I can commit to myself and to others.

When I know myself more, I know who and what kind of a person I am. By practicing naming our own experiences, reactions, feelings, we can guide ourselves towards compassion more sustainably, long-term, more linearly, more evenly, giving us a value-based attitude to life, to our neighbours, to everything.

Compassion manifests itself in many ways in everyday life. It is acts of kindness, fairness, joy in others’ success, being unconditional. It is the moments when one feels important, respected and understood. It arises from the question, “What does this person need right now?”, not what I want, let alone pushing my own agenda. Compassion increases the happiness of the one who shows it and the happiness of the recipient, the fellow traveller. Compassion is therefore one of the core factors of happiness. A person who is capable of compassion for themselves and others experiences joys.


to learn to recognize how we act neurophysiologically and culturally, that is, to see how and perhaps also why we think, feel, experience in different situations as we experience them. What is my nature and temperament, what about my inherent reptilian and mammal stress reactions, my state of alertness, my basic feelings, need, instincts and senses. And how all this helps and challenges me every day with my compassion skills.

When I learn my own good and more challenging traits, my so-called weaknesses and strengths, or in Jungian terms, also my shadows, different sides. Also the times we live in must be noted, whether we admire selfishness, narcissism and various manifestations of violence or selfless, communal and social wisdom, civilization and in what direction my own actions strengthen it – how do I live as a person and neighbour?




concepts and development work 2010-

  • Book about compassion: Myötätunto – ole läsnä, elä mukana Minerva Kustannus, 2010 
  • Compassion and leadership – lectures 2011 
  • Compassion as a perspective in recruitment, recruitment interviewer, recruitment criteria working group, staff training, Holiday Club Saimaa 2011
  • Compassionate work community – lectures, workshop e.g. TUI Finland, Government 2011-
  • Compassion school – planning and writing the whole concept, Helsinki Mission 2012
  1. Compassionate parenting workshops, lectures MLL Viikki, MLL Aviapolis, MLL Lauttasaari, MLL Strömsinlahti, Helsinki
  2. Intergenerational compassion – development of the school children’s afternoon club, concept creation, management and development of the whole concept, City of Helsinki, foundation funding 2018-2021
  3. Good Deed of the Year Award 2018 Nooa Savings Bank, Intergenerational Compassion – School children’s Afternoon Club Concept
  4. Compassionate Parenting – Introduction – Planning, Project Management, Writing Digital Guide, funded by Child and Nature Foundation 2020


The Compassion concept includes lectures and training sessions on the following topics


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